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How To Create Coastal Garden In Backyard

Charming  backyard garden ideas

To create tropical retreat in your backyard you can use the idea of coastal landscape. Start with determining the site that will get sufficient direct sunlight. Then continue to choose the plants and trees for tropical feel in your back yard. These are some plants you can choose. Plants to screen the wind: Beach plum, Common sea buckthorn, American cranberry, Northern bayberry. To create more texture in your coastal backyard, add smaller shrubs such as Bearberry, Heather, Lowbush blueberry or Virginia rose. Do not forget to dress your back yard patio with ornamental grasses such as Panic grass, Switch grass, Miscanthus, Spike grass and Rushes.
After selecting the plants, turn your attention to general guidelines as what to do in landscaping coastal garden in your back yard and to create tropical feel.
•Choose building materials carefully. Choose hardwoods such as ipe, which absorb less moisture, galvanized or stainless steel to avoid rust, and UV-resistant paints and fabrics to prevent premature fading.
•Set seating areas out of the prevailing wind. If the layout of the landscape makes it difficult to create a sheltered seating area, it’s possible to create a lower area by cutting into the ground three to four feet deep and using the land itself to screen you from the wind.
•Use pale paving in a coastal area. Pale colours of paving or stone reflect the light, while dark colours soak in the heat and can be uncomfortable to spend time on.
•Go bold in your garden furnishings. “The horizon and the sea are such an immense backdrop, you really can’t afford to do the landscape halfway,” says Wheatley-Miller. Bright colours call to mind the excitement of a beach holiday, and enliven a coastal landscape.
Regarding the furnishing touch that will complete your garden, you must pay attention of the colour scheme that will work best on the coastal garden.
Colours to consider:
•Orange, salmon and gold echo the warm tones of a sunset.
•Crisp nautical blues and whites celebrate that you are on the waterfront.
•Chartreuse and black furniture look stylish and sharp against pale paving.
•Vivid colours like red, yellow or purple bring cheer to the landscape.
•Avoid muddy-looking greens or browns, which appear dull against such beautiful natural views.
Fortunately, you can have more space to decorate in real tropical countries, if you live there. Since the price of land in Europe especially in London is very expensive, thus, many homeowners in Europe are looking for ways to maximize every inch of their garden.

Charming  Backyard Garden Ideas

Charming Backyard Garden Ideas

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