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Bringing Home Theater Ticket Booth Design Into Home


Some houses have luxury design concept is usually to maximize the variety of spacious room with a lot of functions. Usually it is applied to a private room, family room or a dedicated room for home theater. Of course this design concept requires a significant financial cost.

In fact, some homeowners use the services of an experienced person so that vast space that can bring comfort to the whole family. Perhaps the most expensive cost to maximize the spacious room with luxurious design focused on the personal home theater. In addition to presenting the luxury interior, we also have to provide a variety of home theater equipment is quite expensive. Moreover, when we use a variety of equipment like in the cinema. One is using the ticket booth on the outside of our personal home theater.

Bringing home theater ticket booth design into luxury design concept will make us feel at home to stay at home in a long time. We like having a private cinema. Interior in private home theater is usually dominated by the color red for some parts such as walls and floor of the room. To add a luxurious feel we should use thick carpet to cover the floor. This is to give comfort when we are in the home theater.

To the outside of the room we can apply design home theater ticket booth to provide a unique impression when going into and out of the room. We can bring home theater ticket booth design with its original form or as a replica. If we want to bring the original form of the ticket booth we should put before the entrance. However, we also have the option to create a replica ticket booth that displays only the front only. So that it can be attached to the front on the outside wall of a home theater. Maybe for some people this is an exaggerated idea, but we still can apply.

ticket booth design in your house
Home theater ticket booth design at home

Home theater ticket booth design at home

Ticket booth design in your house

Ticket booth design in your house

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